Evosun Sdn Bhd (co no. : 1000513-H) act as privately owned company in the sector of Heavy Lifting, Ship Launching, Mega Structure Mover where technical consultation provided with full skilled labour, quality equipment & precision engineering to deliver top grade quality work to our customers.

We are Malaysian enterprise possessing more on national patent technology to gather research and invention, production, sell, consultation and project based service of professional production Marine Rubber airbag. Evosun has been contributing over decade years of experiences to gain reputation in the sector of heavy lifting mobilization, ship launching & Mega Structure Mover.

Our Expertise

Marine Dredging & reclamation work

Heavy lifting job

Scope offers methods of pre & post engineering design; supply reliable operational heavy lift equipments & Efficiency time factor operation management.

Ship launching job

Scope offers pre & post site survey inspection at your site/yard to cater for ship launching project any types of vessel with gravity weight up to 10,000 Metric Tonnes.

Marine transportation job

Scope offers transporting oversize mega structure in land & seawater under one stop service operational management at efficiency time & cost.

Marine equipment supply

fiber rope / wire rope / chain & shackle / ship fender / yokohama fender

Our Services

We provide facility of drydocking yard & services for the operation in ship repair, ship maintenance, ship-building, Heavy structure fabrication refurbishment & Ship breaking. We can charter/rent out of docking yard at competitive cost to hauling your vessel during your own repair period to repair your vessel by your own workman costing. However, we have sufficient hiring machinery equipment at the yard for your own repair operation. Major work scope in which to undertake comprise the following:

  • New building vessel
  • Drydock using marine airbag system.
  • Ship Breaking in complete for metal scrap.
  • Ship Hull repair and maintenance
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Inspection of wiring and piping systems
  • Replacement metal marine steel plate of corroded or faulty structures and parts, as well as piping systems
  • Removal and modifying parts, structures and fittings
  • High pressure water Cleaning
  • Marine Sand blasting
  • Marine Painting and Coating

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